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Jean Zartner

For dancers and
"wanna be" dancers

On this page - you'll find info on
Denver-area dance instruction
by Jean Zartner.

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Information on this page:

  • Truly Private Dance Lessons: Your Cure for Dance-Phobia
  • Wedding Dance "Confidence Guarantee"
  • Customized Group Classes
  • Entertainment and Icebreaker for Your Event

Learn about Jean's qualifications and skills:

  • Testimonials
  • Experience
  • Certifications

WOW! Four private dance lessons
for only $150!

If you prefer to just book one lesson, it's $40. Save money by getting the package.

Take by yourself or with a partner for the same price.

Near 87th and Wadsworth. A nice, private space with a hardwood floor.
Add $10 per lesson if you want me to travel to your place for the lesson.
Anything outside the immediate Denver area increases the travel cost.

Available Times:
Monday through Thursday evenings, 6:30 - 7:30 or 7:30 - 8:30.

Contact Jean right away! Her schedule is filling fast. 303-940-7423

Find out more about Jean's credentials and experience.

Truly Private Dance Lessons

Have you wanted to try dancing, but would feel to embarrassed to go to a studio or group class to start out? Perhaps you'd love to try swing, ballroom, country-western, or salsa. You know dancing is a great social outlet, but feel blocked from participating.

If you feel shy about dancing - Required Reading is Sally Young's article: "Dance As If No One Were Watching (Especially Your Inner Critic)." Contact Jean for your free copy.

Here's the CURE for Dance-Phobia

I can teach you all the basics you need to gain confidence in the PRIVACY of your own house or apartment.

I taught dance for many years in Omaha and Dallas. When I came to Denver, I saw that we have plenty of great teachers, but I still see a lot of people who won't go to them for lessons. Why? Because they don't feel comfortable going to a studio or club where other people may be watching. I've found that men, especially, don't like others to see their mistakes while they are first learning to dance. They dislike it so much, in fact, they miss out on one of the world's best ways to meet and impress women: Dancing!

To learn the basics, you don't need a big hardwood floor, surrounded by mirrors. I've started many people out in garages, warehouses, even on shag carpet! The key is to gain confidence in the basics. Once you do that, you can go take further lessons anywhere. And group lessons are a fabulous way to make friends!

I know both the man's and woman's part, so you don't need to have partner to learn to dance, unless you want to invite a friend.

In fact, I'm available to teach individuals, couples, small groups, or casts of thousands.

Contact Jean at 303-940-7423 or by eMail and dance your hoofies off!

Special Wedding Package

If you're getting ready for a wedding dance, I offer four private lessons (one hour each) at $150 for all four lessons. Select the song for your first dance as husband and wife, and I'll teach you how to dance to it with style and confidence - and still have fun while you're doing it!

Your lessons are a great time to get away from all the planning and enjoy some time together. The photos of you dancing will look great in your wedding album for decades to come.

If you prefer, I'll come to your house to teach you - for an extra charge. A good-sized living room is fine. Even a garage will do!

Customized Group Classes

I can custom build a workshop or course for you and your friends. (It's fun to learn with others from work, the neighborhood, and church. Then you have people to practice with!) We'll negotiate price, time, location, and dances to be taught. Where else could you get that kind of customization for group classes?

Contact Jean at 303-940-7423 or by eMail and dance your hoofies off!

Entertainment and Icebreaker for Your Event

I also teach dance to add entertainment and an icebreaker to social functions such as wedding dances, rehearsal dinners, awards dinners, and birthday parties.

Contact Jean at 303-940-7423 or by eMail.

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