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Meet the Authors and Artists
who contribute their talents to Selfnurture.com

Jean Zartner -
Teacher, Speaker, Author, Catalyst

Author of:
Self-Nurturing Solitaire

The Upside of Being Single: An Illustrated Guide


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Bruce Seiner - Artist

Bruce is a freelance graphic artist and illustrator.

He is also an avid outdoorsman who loves hiking, camping, skiing, and snowshoeing.

Bruce met Jean Zartner at a single's discussion group and agreed to collaborate on The Upside of Being Single: An Illustrated Guide.

Contact him at 303-972-7073 or email him at: b.seiner@worldnet.att.net

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Idelle Jones - Designer, Artist

Idelle Jones did the gorgeous, dreamlike illustrations for Self-Nurturing Solitaire.

Idelle is a talented freelance graphic designer in Denver, Colorado. She is also the Creative Director of 16:9, a new magazine on independent film.

Idelle enjoys all areas of art, but her love is printmaking.

Visit her website at www.ijdesign.com or Email her at idelle@ijdesign.com

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Tracy Laswell

Tracy is an upbeat, irreverent career consultant (coach, speaker, writer, strategist, and motivator).

If you need to get your career in gear, or would like to read some of her smart-alecky career-oriented articles, visit her company web site at www.CAREER-Magic.com.

If in the Denver area, be sure to check out the Caffeinated Careers Club, a free weekly networking meeting. See www.CAREER-Magic.com for current meeting location.

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Sally Young - Writer

Sally encourages you to take risks to learn something new, all the while keeping that pesky inner judge in check so that you can enjoy, have fun, and giggle a lot!

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